0.75-9ton HSH-B lever chain hoist

3 ton lever chain hoist,3 ton lever hoist

WOKAITE 0.75-9ton HSH-B lever chain hoist features

Forged and heat treated load hooks with batch taceability and stretch indicators.Drop-forted load hooks are free to rotate 360 degrees.

Simply select FREE on selector lever and pull the hook down.As long as the hoist is unloaded,the free chaining device serves quickly the right chain length in both directions.
SAFE.Not possible if load is applide!
Double pawl Brake system
MBL of 400% of WLL

HSH-B Series Chain Block Specifications

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Related SEO Article – 3 ton lever chain hoist operation notes

1.Overloading is strictly prohibited, no unauthorized extension of the use of the handle, no use other than human power operation.
2.In lifting lifting, any work or walk under the weight are forbidden, prevent the occurrence of accidents.
3.Must confirm the parts intact before use, transmission parts and lifting chain lubrication good, normal idling.
4.Should check the upper and lower hook is hanging before use. The load on the central hook hook cavity. Lifting chain without wrong twisting and bending links, to ensure the safety.
5.When used, if you find the hand pulling force should be stopped immediately, and check:
A. Weight and other objects are implicated or not.
B. 3 ton lever hoist parts for damage or not.
C. Weight is beyond the rated load of hoist or not.
6.No illegal operation, no gourd placed in the rain or very wet places.
7.No gourd hook flipping in the middle of the chain.
8.Should do a good job in 3 ton lever chain hoist safety inspection before use, including the jaws of a manual hoist is serious wear and tear or not, wire rope should replace or not, brake surface whether there is sludge pollution problems.
9.Must be in accordance with the 3 ton lever chain hoist standard, shall not be arbitrarily extended length of the wrench, no overload, so as to avoid danger in the use of the process.
10.3 ton lever hoist should be paid attention to the timely cleaning, should be carried out the no-load test and heavy load test after maintenance, in order to ensure that the hand pull gourd in good condition should be in the ventilation, dry place properly preserved.

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