0.2-1.1KW 4-12P 220V-440V KDA0150 Series chain hoist motor

WOKAITE KDA0150 Series chain hoist motor

1 ton chain motor,chain hoist motor

Weight:43kg Lenght:43cm

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Related SEO Article – The standard selection of electric chain hoist motor

Electric chain hoist motor is the important part of the whole equipment, WOKAITE have today’s achievement in crane field, can’t be separated from selected materials and exacting standard, the following introduce you electric 1 ton chain motor selection standard.

Ring chain hoist motor with class F insulation. When the elevation and the ambient air temperature is in conformity with the provisions, the motor winding temperature ceiling value of resistance should not exceed, the allowable bearing temperature (temperature) should not be more than the ring chain electric hoist lifting the rated load, when the terminal voltage of the 1 ton chain motor for rated voltage of the agencies can work normally, for conical rotor motor and disc brake motors and residual magnetic pull.

When the three-phase power supply is in balance, the deviation of the average value of three-phase 1 ton chain motor no-load current of any one phase of three-phase should not exceeding three ring chain electric chain hoist motor in reference rated power and rated voltage, locked rotor torque, maximum torque respectively to guarantee the ratio of the rated torque value should not be less than the provisions of the meter.

Locked rotor current provisions should not be greater than the meter to ensure that the ratio of the rated current value; for double speed chain hoist motor, high-speed the assurance value and the provisions of the agreement, extremely low speed to ensure that the value corresponding to the table in the same power to ensure value is allowed to be reduced.

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