0.75-9ton HSH-A ton lever hoist

1.5 ton lever hoist,lever hoist 1.5 ton,6 ton lever hoist

WOKAITE 0.75-9ton HSH-A ton lever hoist features

1.Forged and heat treated load hooks with batch taceability and stretch indicators.Drop-forted load hooks are free to rotate 360 degrees.

2.Simply select FREE on selector lever and pull the hook down.As long as the hoist is unloaded,the free chaining device serves quickly the right chain length in both directions. SAFE.Not possible if load is applide!

3.Double pawl Brake system

4.MBL of 400% of WLL

HSH-A Series Lever Block Specifications

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Lever hoist 1.5 ton is also known as reverse chain, is a manual lifting tool for the heavy class work. The 6 ton lever hoist is a lifting tool which is driven by manpower through a handle to drive the chain to drive the movement of the fetching device. It has the advangtages of compact structure, easy to carry, easy to operate, suitable for remote areas and the field of lifting, drag and pull operations, but also to enhance and pull distance is not restricted, can be determined by the length of the chain.

Chain lever block scope of application: it is widely used in shipyard hull assembly welding, electric power department of HV transmission line joint taut, forestry, transportation department of lifting the car, lashing materials, vehicle drag cited and factory Department, equipment installation, adjustment.


Chain 1.5 ton lever hoist structure is advanced, safe and reliable, durable.
The whole efficiency is high, the operation is simple and comfortable.
Small size, light weight, easy to carry.
All structural steel.
Super alloy chain.
All gear wheel.
Have a bearing or the rotating gear at the turning gear and shaft.
The surface of the product after spray treatment.
Professional alloy hooks to meet the product’s overload.
Products to meet the weight of 150% of the rated load.


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