Electric Chain Hoist

WOKAITE Electrical chain hoist is a special lifting equipment,installing gantry cranes.It is made up of motor,transmission and chain wheel.Electric chain hoist has a small size,light weight,simple operation,easy to use features for industrial and mining enterprises,storage terminals.It is widely used in the big factories,warehouses,wind power generation,logistics,ports,consturction industry.Chain electric hoist operator button on the ground following the manipulation can also be conrolled indoor manipulated or used cable(wireless)on remote control.Electric chain hoist are usually installed in single girder cranes,bridge cranes,gantry cranes,hoisting cranes.It can be fixed suspension and be enquipped with an electric monorail trolley and push/pull monorail trolley use.It is to improve labour efficiency,improve working conditions necessary machinery.Hoist lifts 300kgs to 50tons by weight,lifting height 3 to 100meters.Made up of motor,transmission and wheel.We have two material,imported and chinese.

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