Wire rope electric hoist as a light small lifting equipment, widely used in various fields of national economy, while the development of China wire rope electric hoist in recent years is very slow. At the beginning of 1970s, China imported the TV type wire rope electric hoist from the Soviet Union, then we designed CD type wire rope block to replace the TV type wire rope electric hoist, so far CD type wire rope electric hoist has reached 30 years of history in manufacturing. In the meantime, there were some manufacturers to introduce foreign advanced manufacturing technology, but did not get a wide range of application.


The development of electrical wire rope hoist technical level in the China is slow, the reason is many aspects of the:
1.China steel wire rope electric hoist production, manufacturing level and the supporting machinery, electrical and standard parts technology is low;
2.Over the past 20 years, the China economic system from the planned economy to the market economy, many state-owned enterprises in the early transformation can not investment a large amount of funds into product development.
3.CD type wire rope electric hoist is still a certain market share.
In recent years, the technical level of wire rope electric hoist in foreign countries is developing rapidly. With China accession to the WTO, foreign companies have scored the Chinese market, the impact of foreign electric rope hoist to Chinese products will be bigger and bigger. There is no longer a wide range of market for Chinese low-cost, low-end products, the user is more and more attention to the cost performance. Therefore, if the chinese wire rope electric hoist can not quickly adapt to china and international market requirements for product replacement, will soon be eliminated. CD wire rope electric hoist can be used in the China market for nearly 30 years, but in the use process has also exposed some problems to be improved.

SH Double Girder Electrical Wire Rope Hoist


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